"The Foundation makes available the energy of Alessandro Volta for the City of Como, to promote science and culture at all levels, to enhance human capital, to put man back at the center and create a useful foundation for the concrete development of the city."

Alessandro Volta Foundation intends to build its institutional activities drawing inspiration and suggestions both from its genesis and from the statute of the institution; all this in an overall interpretation, able to pay the statutory mandate with the proximity to the territory to generate an effective and concrete benefit to the citizenship of Como.
In this sense, the idea of civitas is prevalent, understood as a tool for the growth of human capital and as a criterion for assessing the effectiveness of the actions deployed by the Alessandro Volta Foundation. In modern times, in relation to global challenges, the impact on the territory must be represented by a virtuous interplay between economic and cultural possibilities, in the awareness of current and future challenges and scenarios, imagined and guided starting from the awareness of the role of each in the community of belonging. For this reason, the activity of Alessandro Volta Foundation must be shared with its members, generating a place of convergence and fertile discussion for the city with all stakeholders.
In promoting the development of science and knowledge, a vital aspect of every activity will be culture, understood as a personal and collective educational aspect, that can take pride in the creative genius of our illustrious fellow citizens of the past and the present to project themselves in a sustainable and humane future.
An important corollary of this approach is the desire to generate education, understood as the desire to confer intellectual, spiritual and moral values, especially for young people and the family.
Culture, education and civitas become, therefore, synonyms when man becomes the center, the symbolic crucible in which the actions indicated converge to allow the humankind to aspire to the improvement of itself and of the surrounding world.


Alessandro Volta Foundation, for the promotion of the University, scientific research, higher education and culture, was founded in 2015 by the merger of two historical institutions: the Centro di Cultura Scientifica Alessandro Volta and UniverComo Association for the promotion of university settlements in the Province of Como. A completely original reality on the Italian and international scene, it combines an intense activity of organizing schools, seminars, scientific conferences and cultural initiatives with a function of linking academia and research with the cultural fabric, economic and social development. According to the Statute, the mission of the Alessandro Volta Foundation is concretely developed around the following areas of intervention:


Promotion of higher education courses, development of international scientific cooperation and organization of initiatives of high scientific profile, in collaboration with universities and national and international organizations, in order to encourage and attract in the territory, international debate, cultural elaboration and scientific communication between experts in the field.


Dissemination, promotion and cultural and educational development of the citizens of Como with the enhancement of the heritage of the territory, its history and its identity. Central to the attention to the development of human capital and the construction of growth prospects for the territory and the young people of Como: with keywords are orientation, reduction of the distance between chosen training paths and the offer of employment, the centrality of transversal skills increasingly in demand in the world of work.


Development of university and higher education establishments, promotion and adaptation of scientific research and application of research results to the economic, productive and social fabric of the territory, with particular reference to Companies and Public Administration.


Valorization of the figure of Alessandro Volta and the culture of sustainable development, taking inspiration from the genius and value of the fellow citizen of Como to actualize it to make aware and educate to respect the natural heritage adapting it on a human scale.